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Web3 Research & Advisory Laboratories
Syntagma labs are designed to help ambitious projects build the future. Our services cover cutting-edge technologies and emerging markets. Unlike other projects, we embrace a data-driven approach in all our projects. Any idea you may have will first be checked and validated by our data analysis and research.

Crypto industry projects since 2017.
Your trusted blockchain advisory
of cumulative experience in qualitative and quantitative research, communication design and writing.
in DLT, Fintech, DeFi, web3 Gaming, and other breakthrough industries to craft and deliver their story to the right minds using careful tool selection and precise positioning.
We are committed to assist female entrepreneurs & women-led startups
WHAT we can help you with
/ services
We help to shape the product, explore the opportunities and become the next trendsetter for the industry. All strategic assumptions are verified based on the in-depth market analysis.
For idea & MVP stage projects
We help to optimize the processes based on quantitative analysis of your data, mitigate risks and forecast growth patterns.
For production-stage projects
Get ready to raise an investment round in a short time. The development of any document (or a combination thereof) is included, be it a white paper, a pitch deck, a business plan, a financial model or a tokenomics design.
Investor package
Earn the trust of your users and investors. A robust platform economy design will help you ensure the long-term profitability of your business and mitigate the risks associated with token price volatility.
Platform & Token economy package
The secret to successful user acquisition and growth is smart communication. We are here to help you with branding, marketing, community building, go-to-market strategy, event marketing, advertising and more.
Communication consulting
Do you need a second pair of eyes to make sure everything is correct before applying for VC? We are ready to assess your current state, point out areas for improvement and share best practices.
Audit of the current state
Our core expertise
We bring the best of ourselves and our qualitative, quantative and analytical skills to achieve your goals
/ tool kit
Go-to-market strategy
Data analysis
Game theory
Positioning & branding
Market analysis
DAO voting behavior
Statistical forecasting
System dynamics
How it usually
Timeline of the consulting engagement and the production of documentation may vary
/ timeline
Contact us and describe what kind of service you are looking for. We sign an NDA and get familiar with all your current documentation.

Protection of intellectual property is a fundamental principle of our work. We guarantee that none of your documents will be passed on to a third party.

Duration: up to 3 days
We jump on a call to clarify details, including your objectives and constraints. We define key team members on the project side (CTO + CMO/CPO) to work with.

We send you the proposal after the call.

Duration: up to 3 days
If you are happy with the proposal, we sign an agreement and start advisory engagement. The time of production depends on the scope and constraints.


One-time projects can last from half a month to three months.

The ongoing consultations cover a period of 4+ months.
Our media partners, collaborators, and companies where we gained our knowledge and professional experience.
/ network
Co-authored industry reports, articles and comments
with data-based insights
/ knowledge sharing
Any idea has an implementation.
Any problem has a solution.
Let's build web3 future together
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In-person meetings in the EU.
Operating globally.