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Syntagma labs are designed to help ambitious projects build the future. Our services cover cutting-edge technologies and emerging markets. Unlike other projects, we embrace a data-driven approach in all our projects. Any idea you may have will first be checked and validated by our data analysis and research.

Advisory services since 2017.
Your trusted advisory
of cumulative experience in qualitative and quantitative research, communication design and writing.
in DLT, Fintech, DeFi, climate-tech, tech-for-good, govtech, gaming, and other breakthrough industries to craft and deliver their story to the right minds using careful tool selection and precise positioning.
WHAT types of ai
we support
/ services
Generative AI is a technology that creates new and original content, such as images, text, or designs, autonomously, often imitating natural language, providing businesses with innovative solutions and creative possibilities for content creation and problem-solving.
Generative AI
Predictive AI involves analyzing existing data to forecast future outcomes, enabling businesses to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and enhance strategic planning based on data-driven insights.
Predictive AI
Stages of our advisory process
/ service modules
We provide expert ideation and education on leveraging AI for your business. We identify prime opportunities for AI integration or the creation of new AI-driven products, guiding you towards the most promising development paths.

AI Solution Ideation
We develop an AI integration strategy that includes conceptualizing the AI architecture, creating a comprehensive suite for product managers, and providing support in assembling a launch team for successful implementation throughout the roadmap execution.
AI Solution Design & Strategy

We engage in product development rather than providing guidance on how to develop it. Our approach includes seamless integrations with data sources, efficient prompt management, customization, and the implementation of best security practices.
AI Development & Implementation

We conduct AI literacy workshops for both employees and employers. Our sessions cover essential concepts, applications, and implications, empowering participants to navigate the evolving landscape of AI with confidence.

Our core expertise
We bring the best of ourselves and our qualitative, quantative and analytical skills to achieve your goals
/ tool kit
Time Series Analytics


Deep Learning
Networks & AI
Tabular Data ml
neurosymbolic knowledge
Image Processing

Advanced Mathematics

Knowledge Graphs

market research

How it usually
Timeline of the consulting engagement and the production of documentation may vary
/ timeline
Contact us and describe what kind of service you are looking for. We sign an NDA and get familiar with all your current documentation.

Protection of intellectual property is a fundamental principle of our work. We guarantee that none of your documents will be passed on to a third party.

Duration: up to 3 days
We jump on a call to clarify details, including your objectives and constraints. We define key team members on the project side (CTO + CMO/CPO) to work with.

We send you the proposal after the call.

Duration: up to 3 days
If you are happy with the proposal, we sign an agreement and start advisory engagement. The time depends on the scope and constraints.


One-time projects can last from half a month to three months.

The ongoing consultations cover a period of 4+ months.
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Our partners, collaborators, and companies where we gained our knowledge and professional experience, including conducting research with top banks like JPMorgan, carrying out analytical inquiries about digital assets at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and Republic Crypto, and contributing to the hyper-growth of social media giant Reddit, cohosting educational workshops with Google Digital Garage, OpenAI and Enterprise Nation.
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Any idea has an implementation.
Any problem has a solution.
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